Smart City Planning & Public Policy Accelerator In Digital Experience

Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Offices (the “BAMO”) is a smart city public policy accelerator that uses virtual reality (VR) powered by HTC VIVE to build the capacity of mayor offices of tier 2-3 cities in Southeast Asia.

Current Participating Cities


The mission of BAMO is to train 100 policymakers and smart city planners from 10 mayor offices in Southeast Asia. The implementation partner of BAMO is Good City Foundation, a non-profit with a partnership network of over 30 cities in Southeast Asia. The idea was tested with 7 cities in Southeast Asia in December 2020 at a summit hosted by Good City Foundation.

mission 1

BAMO implementation

The first trial of the BAMO will run from September to December 2021. Ten cities in Southeast Asia will participate with key representatives such as smart city planners, architects, chief information officers (CIO), technology and international cooperation department heads.

BAMO joins forces with the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance and World Economic Forum (WEF)’s IoT and Urban Transformation Platform (Asia Action Group). Three outstanding smart city projects in the first BAMO cohort will be nominated to participate in the 2021 batch of G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance and leverage the global network for more resources and knowledge. Other supporting institutions of BAMO include Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Plug and Play Tech Centre APAC and Asia Competitiveness Institute in Singapore.


The City Screening and
Early Assessment Considers Five Dimensions

Urban Governance
Digital Finance Inclusion and
Infrastructure Readiness
Younger Generation Future Readiness
Culture and Heritage Sustainability Planning
Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Decarbonization.

BAMO PROGRAM preparation items

Participants who register in the BAMO program are expected to follow the preparations in order to feel immersive experience of BAMO program supported by HTC VIVE.

Download ENGAGE application

ENGAGE application developed by HTC VIVE would be used to support VR experience. Each participant can install ENGAGE in the smartphone (applicable in ios and android). A customised VR Box would be sponsored to the participants to experience in our training program

Set up Urbanetic demo & Urban Cerebro account

By signing up both Urbanetic on Fabric (Demo) and the Urban Cerebro, a cloud-based digital platform with a range of benchmarking features, participants in BAMO would experience more digital tools over the training in VR, and the parametric modelling of cities that reflect city management performance.

Customized your Avatar in ENGAGE Application

Each participant shall create their unique appearance of the avatar by using ENGAGE app. You can also modify the face of the avatar by using your face photo.


Common Training Environment

Virtual Learning of Digital Twinning

Share Screen between Trainer.

Social Networking Experience by using VREnvironment


Program Period: 18th September - Early December

Time Commitment 2 Hours per session, 5 sessions in total

Week 1-2

Guide the 10 participating cities (maximum of 10 representatives per city) to draw strategic vision and long-term policy goals according to their current master plans of urban development.

Week 3-6

Conduct a series of executive education workshops to strengthen mayor offices’ domain knowledge of latest urban technologies, ESG impact measurement methodology and governance practices for resilience.

Week 7-10

Launch a collaborative exercise in a VR environment to allow cities practice in policy simulations of different contexts.

Week 11-12

Arrange the presentation of final plans (from design to implementation) by all 10 mayor offices to respective mayors and a panel of corporate and technology startups for assessment.

VR-Based Acceleration

Throughout BAMO, mayor offices will be given VR gears powered by HTC VIVE and XR Suite, an open-source VR office collaborative environment software. The VR environment empowers policymakers and smart city planners to learn how to use new technology tools such as “digital twin of cities”, “digital master plans” and policy simulations.


Three outstanding smart city projects in the first BAMO cohort will be nominated to participate in the 2021 batch of G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance and leverage the global network for more resources and knowledge.


Strategic funder

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